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jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

Dragon Ball Kai Original Soundtrack Vol.1[Limited Edition]

Titulo: Dragon Ball Kai Original Soundtrack Vol.1 Calidad: 320kbps |120MB Genero: Pop, Instrumental Tracklist 1. DragonBall Kai ~Title~ 2. Premonition Of A Grand Adventure 3. Dragon Soul (TV Size) 4. DragonBall Kai ~Subtitle~ 5. Destiny 6. A Power That Cannot Be Defied 7. Desperate Situation 8. The Formidable Warrior, The Saiyan 9. Scampering Battle! 10. An Outcome-Switching Recovery 11. Dragon Soul ~Orchestra Ver.~ 12. Tranquil Times 13. Daimao Appears 14. A Tough Struggle 15. Shock! 16. The Clouds Of War Spread 17. DragonBall Kai ~Eyecatch A~ 18. Win Tough Fight! ~Guitar Ver.~ 19. Over The Star ~Piano Ver.~ 20. DragonBall Kai ~Eyecatch B~ 21. Unforeseen Circumstances 22. The Curtain Rises On The Battle 23. Anxiety And Unease 24. Running Across The Land 25. KAME HOUSE 26. Bubbles' Dance 27. A Moment For Shuddering 28. A Wasteland Of Tension 29. Requiem ~To Those Who Meet Their End~ 30. The Braveheart Challenges The Strong 31. A Mighty Foe 32. Yeah! Break! Care! Break! (TV Size) 33. DragonBall Kai ~Next Episode Preview~ 34. Assemble! The Legendary Super Warriors 35. The Adventure Begins 36. The Strongest Enemy Has Appeared! Descargar! *o*

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